HR is one of the major business sectors being targeted for “change management”. Reluctance and procrastination to change will cripple companies as they face competitive forces driven by technology.

Intellectual and strategic insight will be required to be able to take advantage of technology empowered, accessible, efficient business processes. These and other challenging scenarios spell significant changes in how HR will be defined going forward.

Chief People Officer is a strategic execution and business process automation company. We are using technology to provide a revolutionary level of accessibility, transparency, accountability, and configurability to help organizations achieve their strategic goals and automate best practice processes on the fly.

Manage the ENTIRE employee life-cycle in ONE simple web tool.  From an employee’s initial interest in your company to their last day, and everything in-between, Chief People Officer’s People Assistant provides an easy to use, accessible software platform that’s configurable on the fly to your process’s.  Not just an accessible portal for hiring or benefits, any people process can be automated.   

People Assistant links your employee’s performance to the overall business strategy and direction through accountability and visibility to leadership, driving overall business results.
Make your HR Function a strategic resource to your company rather than a ‘must-have’. Your greatest assets are your employees, create the environment for their success and your companies with Chief People Officer.





Contribute to the economy by linking employers with qualified candidates to ensure every person with a disability has an opportunity for employment.

LINKAGES, a non-profit organization, grew from a unique idea proposed by Tucson business leader Jim Click. His vision was to gather the often-overlooked resources of the city’s disabled workers into a central location, then make their wealth of skills and initiative readily available to the business community.

He shared his dream with Dr. Ruth Mondschein, a pioneer in employment, training and arts for people with disabilities, and together they began the process of unifying the efforts of Tucson’s employers and rehabilitation agencies into the extraordinary resource that LINKAGES is today.

Knowing that employment makes life meaningful, LINKAGES seeks to ensure that all people are given the opportunity to perform and be valued. We work as a liaison between area businesses with employment openings and participating rehabilitation providers with qualified people ready to work. Since 1996, LINKAGES has developed partnership with approximately 60 rehabilitation agencies and over 600 employers.


People Assistant, INC.



People Assistant provides a comprehensive suite of HR applications across the entire life-cycle of the employee in one web-based portal. By incorporating a People Assistant integrated approach, you enhance employee engagement and build competency based Performance Management, that improves business performance. From its configurable workflows to its green SaaS model, People Assistant provides the most effective solution for managing your workforce.

It’s one thing to plan a strategy, but completely another to see it through to execution. With the People Assistant Strategic Planning module, it’s easy to do both. By improving on your Strategic Plan execution, you improve the bottom line performance of the organization. With a tactics based approach that increases accountability and ownership across the teams, execution becomes a breeze that rewards the well set sails of corporate strategy.


Mark Ziska, CEO - Chief People Officer photo by Benjamin Sisco bxsphoto.com

Mark Ziska, CEO – Chief People Officer photo by Benjamin Sisco bxsphoto.com

Mark D. Ziska is the CEO of Chief People Officer. Chief People Officer is a strategic execution, business process automation, and HRIS company. Previously Mark was Director of Human Resources for Raytheon Missile Systems. Prior to this position Mark held the positions of Director of Communications for Missile Systems and Director of Human Resources and Employee Services for Hughes Naval and Maritime Systems. Mark has published articles on the prevention of violence in the workplace and heads the Missiles Workplace Violence Prevention Team. In addition to Linkages, Mark is a member of the Board of Directors of the Davis-Monthan 50, Pima Community College Foundation and La Frontera. Mark is certified from Lore Institute as an executive coach. He attended Western Michigan University for his Bachelor degree, majoring in Psychology and California State University at Long Beach for a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology. Mark is married to Marcy Ziska, they have two children.

Tanner Gers
Tanner Gers

Linkages Experience is pleased to announce that Tanner Gers has joined us as director of business development and customer relations. In this role he will expand marketing, sales and focus on the customer experience. Linkages Experience provides the nation’s only fully accessible public job board and Applicant Tracking System using Chief People Officer, LLC technology. 

 Tanner is a world class athlete with Team USA who will be competing in the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games. Tanner is a 100-meter sprinter and competed in the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Tanner’s athletic accomplishments in Track and Field, Cycling and Beep Baseball range from World and National Championships to being considered one of the best hitters of all time in Beep Baseball.

Tanner is a world class athlete
Tanner is a world class athlete

Tanner’s professional background includes: motivational speaking, developing loyal customer and interpersonal relationships, developing a deep understanding of the customer experience and resolving complex business issues. He has a proven record of success with high energy. He is a health and fitness blogger and is the founder of the Creative Success Show. His podcasts have been ranked #1 in the New & Noteworthy category by iTunes. He brings personal experienced with Linkages Experience as a user, creating a profile and applying for jobs on the site before being hired as a team member. He will advance the user experience, customer relations and the entire Linkages Experience team.

 Linkages Experience puts individuals with disabilities, veteran wounded warriors and all veterans on an equal footing with all other people looking for employment! What this means is any individual who may be blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, brain injured, an amputee, epileptic or have any other disability that might make it difficult to navigate the typical job search and application processes can now easily transverse the web and fill out on-line job applications.

 Every organization that receives federal money and federal contractors needs this tool. Section 508 of the ADA requires accessibility to the Web and to jobs, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of the ADA has established targets for federal contractors requiring that 7% of their jobs be filled by individuals with disabilities, and the Veterans Act another 7% to be filled by veterans. All current applicant-tracking systems are not accessible! This poses challenges to companies and the HR community – Linkages Experience provides the technology to overcome these problems.

Linkages Experience serves all industries, clients include organizations in: defense, healthcare, education, local and state government, public accounting and auto dealerships. Please join me in welcoming Tanner to our team and visit www.linkagesexperience.com for more information. You may reach me at markziska@linkagesexperience.com.